1.  What Money is Used in Palestine?

The most popular currencies accepted in Bethlehem are the Israeli Shekel, the USD and Euro. Restaurants and souvenir shops also accept major credit cards. Prices are usually quoted in USD, but you can easily pay with shekels.

2.  Is it Safe to Visit Bethlehem?

YES. During your day trip to Bethlehem you will not feel in danger at any time, and there was a constant police presence in the streets and near churches and other sights. Also, the streets were busy with tourists visiting Bethlehem, as well as locals going about their daily lives. If you’re planning to visit Bethlehem, we recommend getting first-hand info from someone who has recently visited, or OUR website rather than relying on what you see on the media.

3.  How far is Bethlehem from Jerusalem?

Bethlehem is only about 10 km from Jerusalem, but traveling between the two cities can take over an hour, because of intense traffic and checks on either side of the border. Travel time can also vary depending on whether you travel by public bus, taxi, or take a tour.

4.  Visit Bethlehem as a Day Trip from Jerusalem

Bethlehem is a popular day trip from Jerusalem, because of the short distance between the two cities. The easiest way to visit Bethlehem is taking a tour, which also includes a Palestinian guide – remember that Israeli citizens cannot enter the West Bank, so you’ll be asked to switch transport at the border, and continue your visit with a Palestinian driver and guide.

If you prefer to visit independently, you can take the bus from the Arab bus station at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. However, this takes considerably longer as the bus is mainly frequented by locals and doesn’t bypass checkpoints like tourist vehicles. Also, you cannot hail a taxi in Jerusalem and ask the driver to take you to Bethlehem. However, it is possible to arrange a private car to take you around once you cross the Palestinian border.

5.  Where to stay in Bethlehem

Most people visit Bethlehem as a day trip from Jerusalem, but there’s so much to see and do you may want to spend some extra time in the city and spend the night! Check out our list of Bethlehem hotels to explore and choose (Click here)

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